Question: When was Hy Cite founded?
Answer: Hy Cite was founded in 1959. Our products are marketed throughout North and Latin America by our authorized distributors and salespeople.

Question: What does Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC do?
Answer: Hy Cite provides product, financing, distribution and marketing support services to the over 2,200 authorized distributors of our premium houseware products.

Question: Are there any employment opportunities at Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC?
Answer: Please click on this Careers link to learn about career opportunities at Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC.

Question: Does Hy Cite deal directly with the end consumer?
Answer: Yes. Distributors make the sale and then Hy Cite ships the products directly to the consumer, warrants the products and provides customer service. If the consumer chooses to finance their purchase through Hy Cite, Hy Cite collects and applies all payments.

Question: What types of payments does Hy Cite accept?
Answer: Customer Payment Options here.

Question: What product brands does Hy Cite offer?
Answer: Royal Prestige®, NutraEase, Innove, Kitchen Charm and Table Charm are the company’s primary branded product lines.

Question: Can I buy these products in stores?
Answer: No. Our premium houseware products are marketed exclusively by Hy Cite authorized distributors and salespeople throughout North America and Latin America.

Question: How do I find out more about your product lines?
Answer: Please visit www.royalprestige.com and www.nutraease.com to learn more about our products.

Question: Do you offer warranties with your products?
Answer: Yes, all products carry comprehensive warranties that provide what we believe is outstanding value and protection to the consumer. Please visit www.royalprestige.com and www.nutraease.com to learn more about our product warranties.

Question: Can I receive a catalog of your products?
Answer: Yes, please click here to place your request for a product catalog.

Question: How do I locate a distributor in my area?
Answer: Please click here to locate a distributor in your area.

Question: Can I become an authorized distributor or salesperson of your products?
Answer: Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC is always interested in partnering with individuals who have the skills and integrity to properly represent its products and services. Please visit www.royalprestige.com and www.nutraease.com to learn more about distributorship/salesperson opportunities.

Question: Why does Hy Cite offer financing for product purchases?
Answer: To provide an additional payment method option to our customers.

Question: Do I have to finance my purchase through Hy Cite?
Answer: No. Hy Cite accepts cash, checks and credit cards as payment, in addition to offering consumer financing.

At Hy Cite we value your questions about our products and services. Please use the email or phone information below to let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you!

Email: customercare@hycite.com

Email (Mexico Only): servicioalcliente@royalprestige.com.mx

Phone:  1-800-279-3373